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Our Solutions

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Efficiency Optimization for Power Plants

Maximizing the revenue of power plants by utilizing our mobile data center EDDUBOX as a flexible load.

Grid Balancing / Load Management

Assisting network operators and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in managing and consuming surplus energy, ensuring stability in the energy grid.

Gas Flaring

Converting waste gas from oil and gas sites into electrical energy, powering EDDUBOX, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially methane.

Industrial Site Rehabilitation

Reclaiming and rehabilitating abandoned industrial sites, utilizing existing electrical infrastructure, and converting waste heat into energy through ORC systems.

Solutions For Horticulturists

EDDU offers a groundbreaking solution for horticulturist, replacing traditional heating systems with datacenter-generated heat. By integrating the EDDUBOX within greenhouses, growers can utilize the heat produced from data processing to maintain ideal growing temperatures.

Solutions For Offices

Professional offices can also benefit from the efficient heat produced by the EDDUBOX. By replacing classic heaters with our datacenter technology, we direct the heat generated during data processing into office spaces, maintaining comfort while cutting costs.

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