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District heating networks and heating applications

Converts excess heat from servers into sustainable heating solutions.

Sustainable Energy Reuse in Datacenters

EDDUBOX revolutionizes the datacenter industry with a solution that goes beyond mere energy management.

By integrating the valorization of the heat generated by its own systems, EDDUBOX does not just optimize external energy losses; it also transforms its own consumption into an opportunity for energy reuse.

This approach highlights our commitment to smart and sustainable energy management.

EDDUBOX’s 95% Calorific Recovery Revolution

With a calorific recovery efficiency reaching 95%, EDDUBOX establishes a new standard in energy performance.

This exceptional capability to convert and restore heat at temperatures ranging from 40 to 75°C allows us to target a variety of applications, from urban heating systems and indoor agriculture to other specific needs.

This energy flexibility is a testament to our dedication to providing innovative and adaptable solutions, while minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing energy efficiency.

We have developed an system combining an industrial heat pump with our EDDUBOX system, capable of raising the temperature from 70°C to over 120°C.

This technology is perfectly suited for urban heating needs. In Finland, we are implementing several projects aimed at decarbonizing heat production, which currently relies mainly on the combustion of wood and peat.

Our solution allows for a reduction of CO2 emissions by 810 tons per installed MW, compared to the average emissions of the national production network.

Paving the Way for Carbon-Neutral Energy

Our aim is to significantly reduce carbon emissions from traditional heating systems powered by fossil fuels by leveraging the heat generated by our datacenters.

Our technology, under certain conditions, can achieve a net positive carbon emission balance, offering a cleaner and greener alternative. EDDUBOX is part of a circular valorization effort, aspiring to a future where energy and digital technology coexist in a decarbonized harmony.

Our commitment extends beyond technological innovation; it reflects our determination to contribute to a sustainable energy and digital future for a healthier planet.

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