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About Us

The Team Behind EDDU's Revolution

EDDU Energy: Powering Tomorrow, Today

Dive into the future with EDDU Energy, where innovation meets sustainability. We’re not just designing the next generation of energy solutions; we’re crafting a brighter, greener tomorrow. Be part of the revolution. Embrace the energy evolution with EDDU Energy.

Edouard Dubrana

Trained in the field of renewable energy, he spearheaded the deployment of a 0.6MW blockchain datacenter in the South of France in 2017. His experience spans forging successful partnerships, managing supplier relations, and deep insights into the energy sector. His leadership guides EDDU Energy's commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions.

Arnaud Dubrana

Grounded in International Business with a master's level education, our CBO boasts a strong foundation as a business manager. Impressively, by the age of 25, he served as the central procurement head for a premier watchmaking giant. He now guides our investment strategies, pinpointing and unlocking new pathways for EDDU Energy's growth.

Axel Vernet

Equipped with a Master's degree in Electrical and Fluid Engineering Mechanics, our CTO is the architect behind EDDUBOX's machine optimization. His expertise enhances the performance of our machines immersed in dielectric fluid, driving efficiency and innovation within our technology

Andy Begin

With a master's degree in computer engineering from a top-tier institution, our Web Developer ensures seamless operation of our digital infrastructures. His role involves crafting innovative features to enhance clients' investment monitoring experience, leveraging his technical prowess for seamless user interactions.

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Toulouse, France

Phone: +33 6 03 48 91 35

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