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Landfill gas

Transforming Landfill Emissions: A Sustainable Balance for Environment and Revenue

The Environmental Challenge of Landfills

Landfills are critical facilities in waste management, where non-recyclable & recyclable materials are securely stored. Beyond their storage role, these sites offer significant opportunities for environmental innovation.

At EDDU, we are particularly attentive to the impact of landfills on the environment, especially regarding greenhouse gas emissions. The decomposition of organic waste at these sites produces biogas, with a high concentration of methane.

This greenhouse gas is about 25 times more polluting than CO2 for the same amount, highlighting the urgency to find solutions to mitigate its impact on global warming.

Turning Landfill Gas into Green Energy

At EDDU, we valorize gas from landfills to reduce overall CO2 emissions. By powering our EDDUBOX directly at landfill sites using specific generators, we manage to burn a large majority of the emitted methane.

This approach not only reduces the environmental impact of landfills but also creates a new revenue source for municipal landfills.

Previously, these facilities did not generate any significant economic benefit. Our approach thus transforms waste into a viable economic opportunity, while contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Integration Explained: The Essential Stages

step 1


The first step involves a thorough analysis of the landfill sites, assessing the volume of excess gas and its potential value. We perform calculations to determine how best to deploy our mobile data centers for maximum effectiveness and financial return.


step 2


After the evaluation phase, our mobile data centers are deployed to the identified sites. These units are engineered to consume excess gas and contribute to computational tasks, turning waste into a resource.


step 3


By effectively reducing landfill gas, operators can significantly cut down on carbon taxes and even generate revenue through the sale of the captured gas. This two-fold advantage turns what was once a liability into a valuable asset.


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