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Maximizing Energy Utilization for Tomorrow's Needs

Flexibility and Efficiency

EDDUBOX represents an evolution of traditional data centers, positioning itself as a crucial foundation for a future powered by transforming wasted energy into high-potential computing (HPC) power. 

A Sustainable Technological Leap

It offers an innovative approach, enabling entities within the energy sector to smoothly transition towards more sustainable practices. By converting unused energy into a solution that marries cutting-edge technology with environmental mindfulness, the EDDUBOX is at the forefront of creating a harmonious relationship between technological progress and ecological responsibility. This synergy paves the way for the development of innovative and lasting solutions.

The range of EDDUBOX models available today is designed to be versatile, catering to the specific requirements and conditions of various partners.

Aircool: Peak Performance

Our offerings include two primary versions: the aircooling variant and the immersive version. The aircooling model is specifically designed for use in the planet’s most challenging locales. It features an advanced design that ensures operational efficiency with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.02, even where heat reuse is unfeasible.

This makes it exceptionally efficient, capable of performing in every environments.

Immersion: Eco-Innovation

On the other hand, the immersive version submerges servers in a specialized liquid, significantly reducing noise by up to 90% and achieving a remarkable 95% heat efficiency.

This approach not only facilitates optimal heat recovery but also enables the reclaimed heat to be decarbonized and repurposed for a variety of applications, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and efficiency in energy use.

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